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Meaning nest in Cambodian, Säambok is a premium-grade 100% bird’s nest product, intentionally harvested and prepared by hand to ensure quality and nourishment, inside
and out. Our mission is to create premium quality bird nest products by combining strong agricultural processes with the latest technology.


Bird’s nests are a unique natural phenomenon, which we carefully and respectfully encourage under specific environmental conditions. Swiftlets need time, safety and comfort
to produce premium nests. We make sure they have it, and model their dedicated effort throughout the production process. From the preparation to the harvesting, cleaning,
production and packaging, we combine our team’s refined skills with the latest technology to ensure quality results.


We utilize advanced technological and environmental systems management to help our swiflets thrive and, as a result, create nests of the highest quality.

Our processes and products are as clear as the liquid we create. We don’t add any artificial flavours or preservatives because we believe that nature is the best medicine.

Swiftlets prefer the environmental conditions that Cambodia has to offer. So do we. We are proud of our Cambodian roots, and proud of the products we create.

For us, quality is purity, and we are passionate about guaranteeing that the natural benefits of bird nests are maintained and enhanced in the creation of our products.