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Meaning nest in Cambodian, Säambok is a premium-grade 100% bird’s nest product, intentionally harvested and prepared by hand to ensure quality and nourishment, inside and out.


Nature provides us with the miracle of birds nests, but these rare delicacies do not come easily. Healthy nests are made by healthy swiftlets, and these remarkable birds prefer the exact environmental conditions that Cambodia has to offer. It’s a team effort. An extraordinary collaboration between our skilled staff and the industrious swiftlets. Saambok’s mission is to provide the birds the safety, comfort and time required to produce at their best. It is an honor to craft premium quality products from a delicacy so renowned for its medicinal qualities. We take care throughout the process to maintain and enhance its natural benefits, with an intention to encourage healthy living for our customers.



Whether you are buying our products as a gift, or simply to nourish yourself and your family, our products are designed to honor your commitment to health and well-being.

We offer pure, premium birds nests, ready to be added directly in your favorite dish. For those who appreciate their health served quick and fresh, you can enjoy our ready-made drinks in a choice of two recipes: original and ginger. The benefits are equal, but the choice is yours.